Ivory Soap, Microwave Oven & Grandkids

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We love it when the grandkids come over to our house.. we love it when they spend the night because we have a lot of fun with them.

I had seen something really cool on the blog "Making Memories with Your Kids" and I couldn't wait to try it with these cute faces.

First, we got out one bar of Ivory Soap and asked Grandpa to cut it into quarters.

Amaya, being the oldest, went first.

She put the soap in the microwave on a small paper plate, put the time on for 3 minutes (within 30 seconds it was pretty much done).

It started to puff up within the 30 seconds... fascinating to watch.

Making memories...

What's Your Pinterest?

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OK... I am going to admit it. I am in love with Pinterest. There, I said it. For all to see. 

So, what is it?

Pinterest is your virtual 'pin' board.  You see something you like on the internet?  Bookmark it?  HA!  Pin It!

You don't have to create an account - you can't unless someone invites you.  Membership only to pin, but you can window shop and see what other people from around the world have pinned.  

The following is from www.ladyandablog.com - she explains what Pinterest is pretty well.

Let’s start at the beginning: What is going on when I click on Pinterest’s home page?


Pinterest is basically a website for people to “pin” their interests on a virtual board. When you click on Pinterest.com, you are taken to a view of ALL pins that the staff thinks are worthy to view. I thought at first that the main page will literally show every pin from every user. However, as I started to actually use the site, I noticed this is not the case.

I actually love the home page because it gives me access to people I don’t actually know. There’s a really great chance that I am going to come across something fabulous and fresh every time I go there… which is often!

What can I do  on Pinterest?

You can observe or you can participate: Maybe you just like looking at pretty pictures. Perhaps you are in need of some inspiration? Pinterest can even help you with your dinner plans! It is everything to everyone!!

Let me explain. I am a what I would refer to as a 'foodie'. When I first got my account, I started a "Recipe" board and started to “pin” pictures I liked from other websites that relate to this topic. I am OBSESSED.  It’s a great way for me to store everything I need and reference it later.  Pinterest allows me to keep it all in one place. Magic I tell you. Magic.

She goes on to write ...

Here’s the best part – or one of the best parts. Let’s say I’m on the homepage of Pinterest, and I come across a picture I like. I can A) “Like” the picture. This basically means I’m giving a nod to the person who pinned it. My name gets attached to the bottom of the page showing that I liked the image. But NOTHING gets placed on my actually boards for future reference. I tend to “like” a lot of images because Pinterest is very much a community. It’s a virtual high five… if high fives were still cool.

If you REALLY LOVE what you are seeing, you could B) “Repin” the picture to one of your boards.

You can have a billion boards. I started out with maybe 5 or so, but now I’m spanning out to include everything I adore – trees, beaches, cute puppies – you name it!

If you repin a picture, it is forever logged on one of your boards and all your friends will see that pic. It’s an amazing way to express your likes and interests with your friends and followers.

Feel like leaving a comment? Then C is your choice. You can respond to a pinner and let them know your thoughts on their image. Again – community feel. Truth be told, I rarely comment…

Store Coupon & Price Matching Policy Links

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Below is a list with links to store coupon policies and price matching policies.  It is a good thing to have these printed and stored in your binder or file that you take in the store with you just in case there are questions as to how a certain coupon can be used legitimately.   It is also a good thing to familiarize yourself with the store coupon policies prior to going into the store so you know what stores will accept and what they will not.  Some stores have been cutting down on the acceptance of IP (Internet Printable) coupons due to widespread fraud.

Walmart Coupon Policy
Walmart Price Match Policy

Target Coupon Policy
Target Price Matching Policy

Walgreen’s Coupon Policy
Fareway Coupon Policy
Hy-Vee Coupon Policy
Dollar General Coupon Policy
Family Dollar Coupon Policy 
Menards Coupon Policy