Store Coupon & Price Matching Policy Links

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Below is a list with links to store coupon policies and price matching policies.  It is a good thing to have these printed and stored in your binder or file that you take in the store with you just in case there are questions as to how a certain coupon can be used legitimately.   It is also a good thing to familiarize yourself with the store coupon policies prior to going into the store so you know what stores will accept and what they will not.  Some stores have been cutting down on the acceptance of IP (Internet Printable) coupons due to widespread fraud.

Walmart Coupon Policy
Walmart Price Match Policy

Target Coupon Policy
Target Price Matching Policy

Walgreen’s Coupon Policy
Fareway Coupon Policy
Hy-Vee Coupon Policy
Dollar General Coupon Policy
Family Dollar Coupon Policy 
Menards Coupon Policy

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