Busy Bee Keeper and End of School Year!

Posted by Trish Morris | Posted on 8:44 PM

Wow.. super busy!   This time of year is typically my busy time working at the school.  As Technology Director, this time of year I am upgrading, cleaning out, and updating computers, our SIS and a lot of other tech related items to get them ready for the new school year!

So, since I was so busy, and obviously have a lot of time on my hands I decided to join my husband in another business venture.  What is it say you?  


Yes, Wildtree.

What is Wildtree you ask?

Check it out. NO GMO's, Certified Organic, Gluten Free items, recipes galore, and Freezer Meal Workshops!  Not only do you get to buy great, good for you, products, we also teach you how to create fabulous meals your whole family will love!! 

Orange Chicken & Lo Mein

Go to our other blog, Once Upon a Wildtree, to find out more.  I promise you, it will be awesome... 

Also - to see all the products go to our official Wildtree site.   

I am also still doing Tupperware parties and vendor shows.. (my first love), and really - I need containers to put all of this yumminess in don't I?  

I am working on combining the two.. Tupperware has some nice cookware, and microwave cookware.. 

Truly a WIN/WIN!!!


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