The 52 Week Money Challenge - I'm in!!!

Posted by Trish Morris | Posted on 10:45 AM

I very seldom get in at the ground floor of anything.  New products, competitions - you name it, I seem to miss the launch of the boat and have to swim my way out to the middle of the bay to climb aboard.

Not so this year.  This year is different. I am going to start at the beginning and NOT have to play catchup.  What am I doing?

I am going to do the 52 Week Money Challenge - or in my case, the Twice a Month Money Challenge.    

It is a simple idea.  One, I am sure,  that has been around for quite a while.   But something I've not consciously thought about trying.   So, I am getting in on the ground floor.  The first week of January!  How 'bout them apples??!!!   



I have my jar.    But I am seriously thinking about asking one of my friends who does amazing vinyl signs to make me one of these.    Is this just awesome?!!   It made me smile, and maybe - just maybe, it will have me looking forward to putting in my moolah every other week.  

So, I got to thinking.  If I am doing this, why not see if my husband would like to have his own challenge?  I would get him his own jar!  :-)

He could put his deposit in weekly.

 At the end of the year, we would have $2,760 for a variety of things.  Pay off those credit cards from Christmas, buy something we have been wanting, or could just go ahead and get a bigger jar and continue on into the next year!! 

Hmmm....  could that be possible?

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